Media still unglued in 2018

From Brent Bozell and Tim Graham at Townhall:

The comparisons to dictators (especially Hitler) were once shocking, but no longer. These smears arrive almost daily. Take perpetually malcontent Steve Schmidt lecturing on MSNBC. Trump “creates a mass sense of victimization amongst his base,” he said. “And then he asserts extraordinary claims of power to protect the victims from the scapegoated populations and the nefarious conspiracy. That is fundamentally illiberal, deeply un-American, and, frankly, could be straight out of Munich circa 1928.”More.

Reality check: Only some of the public actually feels the way so much of the media does about US2016. Again, that’s why some media are getting progressive government bailouts, as in Canada, and others are getting jobs delivering packages for Amazon, as in the States. In an age when we don’t need MSNBC, in particular, to tell us the weather or the stock market, the culturally less relevant grandees are a ready market for the idea that the government must do something about independent news gathering and a powerful force in spreading the idea that thinking for oneself is a danger. They didn’t used to think that way because they didn’t used to feel threatened.

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Here’s Andrew Scheer on the Liberal government bailing out the dying legacy media The top Tory , of course, realizes that the Liberals are essentially buying what they already owned for nothing at the rest of the country’s expense but that’s woke government for you.