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Democrats form special ‘Climate Crisis’ House Committee

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has announced the creation of a new special committee to examine climate change when her party takes back control of the US House of Representatives next month.

Florida Democratic Representative Kathy Castor will lead the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis as chairwoman, Ms Pelosi said.

It was a year of deadly wildfires. That’s likely the new normal.

Fires are typically associated with the hot, dry months of summer, but increasingly, firefighters are getting little reprieve during the traditional off-season.

“We’re starting to look at wildfire as a nonseasonal event,” said Omar Baddour, chief of climate data for the World Meteorological Organization. “It can happen at any time of year, and we have to be prepared.”

Trudeau says similarities between Scheer, Harper are worth ‘pointing out’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Andrew Scheer‘s Conservative party is in the exact same place it was under Stephen Harper‘s leadership and that’s why he and his Liberals will continue “pointing out” the similarities.

The Liberal party put the Harper stamp on Scheer the day he was elected leader of the Conservative party, billing him as a far-right social conservative. The Liberals raise Harper frequently and drop his name in fundraising emails to supporters.

World’s worst climate change-induced disasters cost countries £50bn in 2018

Extreme weather driven by climate change hit every populated continent this year, Christian Aid said, warning urgent action was needed to combat global warming.

“This report shows that for many people, climate change is having devastating impacts on their lives and livelihoods right now,” said Kat Kramer, who heads the British relief organisation’s work on climate issues, in a statement.

Doug Ford is Canadian politics’ rookie of the year

A first-time MPP for Etobicoke North who became premier on his first foray into provincial politics, Ford led the Tories back to power after almost 15 years of Liberal rule.

While Ford didn’t do any year-end interviews — “It wasn’t my tradition,” he said when asked why — he did share his thoughts on his eventful 2018 at a year-end news conference, calling it a “great year.”