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In the past Swedish TV warned not to leave Christmas candles unattended – now they warn about grenade attacks

On Monday, broadcaster SVT informed its readers about the damage that hand grenades can cause normal Swedish families.

The article is mocked on social media because Christmas time usually means warnings about forgotten Advent candles.

But the information on SVT is slightly different this year, an image and film of a family that is blown up by a hand grenade in their kitchen.

The ‘lost years’ of legendary Playboy Playmate Bettie Page are revealed in ‘treasure trove’ of unseen photos and letters

When Bettie Mae Page retired at the height of her fame in 1957, she went under the radar for decades and now those tumultuous times are being documented for all the world to see in a new book out by Page’s official social media site and blog manager, and her nephew.

Author Tori Rodriguez and illustrator Ronald Charles Brem joined forces to bring Page’s secret life to light in ‘Bettie Page: The Lost Years: An Intimate Look at the Queen of Pinups, through her Private Letters & Never-Published Photos,’ which was released in October.

Yellow vests in Canada? You better believe it

Over the weekend, a few hundred people took to the streets in Edmonton – many donning yellow vests – to protest both the Canadian carbon tax and the UN Global Compact on Migration. A similar event happened on Parliament Hill, this one largely focused on the migration pact.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains committed to both these increasingly unpopular government decisions.

NY Times’ Paul Krugman says US part of ‘new axis of evil’ with Russia, Saudi Arabia

Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times opinion contributor Paul Krugman tweeted Monday that the United States had joined Russia and Saudi Arabia in a “new axis of evil,” after those three countries and Kuwait objected to the United Nations’ endorsement of a landmark study on global warming.

Budget Deficit Could Be Billions Of Dollars Larger Than Trudeau claimed

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals said the budget deficit would be $18 billion.

While that’s far larger than what he promised during the campaign, it turns out that even the $18 billion figure appears to be a lie.

The Parliamentary Budget Office is now saying that budget deficits are set to increase.