Communist China’s Huawei: ‘Déjà Vu All Over Again’

…Further, he informs readers how, in 2012, the House Intelligence Committee released a “comprehensive report on Huawei and ZTE” that determined: “Inserting malicious hardware or software implants into Chinese-manufactured telecommunications components and systems headed for U.S. customers could allow Beijing to shut down or degrade critical national security systems in a time of crisis or war.”

This report’s perspicacity, Lake notes, was ironically attested to by communist China’s 2017 “National Intelligence Law and a related cybersecurity law,” which compels Chinese companies like Huawei to abet the communist dictatorship in its espionage activities—including “offensive intelligence operations,” such as “handing over access to ‘key business and personal data (which must be stored in China), proprietary codes, and other intellectual property” (per a Lawfare analysis).