Michael Cohen lied about dealing with Russia, but Trump didn’t

Opponents of President Trump who read the late Friday court filing by the special counsel’s office on Michael Cohen must have once again felt the familiar deep pangs of disappointment that come with every turn in the Russia investigation.

Like before, there is still no sign of any vast conspiracy that Trump or his campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Alan Dershowitz: Recommended ‘substantial’ sentence for Michael Cohen bad news for Robert Mueller

Alan Dershowitz argued Friday that federal prosecutors seeking a “ substantial term of imprisonment” for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is bad news for special counsel Robert Mueller.

“There are two possibilities,” the lawyer told Fox News’ “The Five.” “One, that Cohen hasn’t really provided them very much or hasn’t been completely cooperative. Or two, by recommending a very, very harsh sentence, they are putting more pressure on Cohen, maybe to come up with even more information because the government has the power to get the sentence reduced afterward if they can tell a court that there was cooperation.”

“Right now, it does not sound like it’s good news for Mueller.