‘Racist Pseudoscience’: 280 Academics Slam Cambridge Researcher in Open Letter

Over 280 academics from around the globe have signed an open letter condemning a Cambridge University research fellow for publishing work investigating the link between race, criminality and IQ.

The letter, which blasts the work of Dr Noah Carl, a 28-year-old sociology PhD graduate as “racist pseudoscience,” has been signed by about 75 Cambridge academics as well as those from institutions around the world, including Princeton in the United States.

…According to Cambridge’s student newspaper, Varsity, Dr Carl wrote in one of his papers that it “seems plausible” that the more Muslims immigrate to a given country, “the greater the share of citizens susceptible to Islamist radicalisation, and therefore the larger the fraction of the population that the security services should need to monitor.”

Goodness that is damning! You can’t go round telling the truth willy nilly like that!