To the Guardian’s Horror! Only two black head chefs in UK’s Michelin-starred restaurants

There are only two black head chefs with a Michelin star in the UK, a Guardian analysis has found, prompting leading chefs to call for action to make kitchens more diverse.

The Michelin guide is dominated by restaurants serving international cuisines, with traditional Chinese and Japanese food among the most prominent. But across the 165 restaurants in the UK with the food industry’s most coveted prize, only 12% of head chefs are from a minority ethnic background.

When the data, analysed as part of the Guardian’s Bias in Britain series, is broken down further, it shows that black and south Asian head chefs lead 6% of Michelin-starred restaurants, with only two of them black. One of the two declined to be identified. The other is Michael Caines, the chef proprietor of Lympstone Manor.

When your only tool is a hammer every problem is a nail.

England’s population – 3% were Black/African/Caribbean/Black British as surveyed in 2011. That makes the Michelin ratings short by 2.95 Blacks in what is a very competitive industry segment. The Guardian falsely “reasons” that because “Blacks” make up 3 per cent of the population there must therefore be Black Michelin Star level chef’s that are being discriminated against. If an over-representation of Black chef’s were occurring in the Michelin rankings would they call it Black Chef Privilege? Something is being cooked up here and it ain’t the food.