CBC runs cover for Liberals as they pretend to remove anti-abortion test for summer jobs funding

Liberals drop contentious anti-abortion test for summer jobs funding

Contentious wording in Ottawa’s summer jobs program that tied pro-choice beliefs on abortion to funding eligibility is being dropped after a backlash to what was styled last year as a values test.

Instead, the federal Liberals have retooled the 2019 version of the Canada Summer Jobs program to require applicants to declare they don’t work to infringe on any Canadian’s legal rights.

Wording on the application for the 2018 version of the program required groups to say neither their core mandate nor the jobs being funded actively worked to undermine constitutional, human and reproductive rights.

This is bullshit. The intent to deny funding for those who hold dissenting views remains, especially for those who disagree with the Liberal party’s love of killing babies. Now the bureaucrats will do the screening rather than have applicants self-implicate.