Why the Brit pubs are closing down

The pubs are closing down in some areas of Britain and many are quick to cite growing Muslim influence there.

Some of us suspected it wasn’t that simple. If that was the main explanation, the Muslims would be much more resented. Pub life was iconic, after all. Mark Steyn, as so often, has the answer. He recalls his discussion with a taxi driver in Last Call:

A lot of the pubs are closing down,” he said. “Before GPS, the pubs was how we knew the route. Turn left at the King’s Head, right at the Plough & Harrow… Now they’re all shutting down.”

“Is that because there’s more Muslims?”

He laughed. “No. It’s because the drinkers prefer to get the cheap liquor from the supermarkets. They drink it at home all day. So they’re drunk before they leave the house. Then they just go to a nightclub and they don’t have to spend all their money on the expensive drinks because they’re already drunk. So they can just dance with a slag and not spend a lot of money.”

Reality check: Sodden at home, eh? Alcohol does that to people.

If the sober Muslims are smart enough not to cut off the supply to the doomed secular Brits, the demographic change will happen more quickly. One wants to feel sympathy but eventually turns attention to people who are at least trying to help themselves.

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