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Ford’s ‘Liberal lite’ climate plan is a big step back

The Ford government’s climate change plan might as well come with the following dedication: “With thanks to Dalton and Kathleen.”

The fact that it could deliver a plan that proposes to do so little, and not face even more derision for it, is because of how much was achieved under the Liberal governments of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne.

Antifa crowd with AR15s physically intimidate, threaten journalist at rally. Cops ask HIM to leave.

At a downtown Seattle rally over the weekend, police appeared to have no problem with an Antifa protest, which reportedly had no permit to do so, blocking sidewalks and open carrying rifles. But as tensions escalated when independent journalist Andy Ngo became the target of threats by members of the anti-fascist movement, police informed him he was the one “inciting conflict.”

The Portland based video journalist and writer for Quillette was on hand to cover a scheduled and permitted rally by the Washington Three Percenters, which became the scene for a counter protest staged by red flag-toting Antifa, who had no permit. Ngo, who has been documenting the movement as well as the Portland and Seattle governments’ actions in response, chronicled the events as they unfolded.

Canada’s marijuana industry so hot it’s importing workers

A lack of qualified local labor forced Aphria to dispose of almost 14,000 cannabis plants in the quarter ended Aug. 31 after they weren’t harvested in time, costing it nearly ($750,000 (C$1 million ). Since then, the company has doubled the staff at its Aphria One greenhouse thanks in part to Canada’s Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program, which has allowed it to hire about 50 temporary workers from the Caribbean and Guatemala with plans to bring in up to 100 more.

UN Climate Summit to Emit More CO2 Than 8,200 American Homes Do in a Year

Based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency figures, that’s the equivalent of more than 11,700 cars driving for one year or 728 tanker trucks worth of gasoline. That amount of carbon dioxide emissions is also the same as 8,243 American homes for an entire year, according to EPA.

However, that’s a low-ball estimate because it only includes the emissions from the conference itself, and not emissions associated with the thousands of people who flew to the meeting in Katowice, Poland. More than a few summit-goers, including celebrities, likely flew private jets.

Trudeau’s Demonizing Of ‘Male Construction Workers’ Shows His Contempt For Canadian Workers

While in Argentina, Justin Trudeau did some more disgusting virtue-signalling.

He was talking about ‘gender budgets’ when he started to demonize construction workers.

He implied that having “male construction workers” in a “rural areas” had “social impacts.”

As if it wasn’t clear enough where Trudeau was going with his sexist rhetoric, he later said “women entrepreneurs make better choices.”