The mainstream media are not independent anyway

Because they are no longer needed. The recent news of the half-billion that Justin Trudeau is paying to buy the Canadian media establishment needs to be set against the fact that they aren’t needed anyway.

We will all need to use our internet accounts to construct our own news services but we will probably do just fine, especially if we assume that whatever they say is what the guy who pays them wants them to say. That was always true; it just didn’t used to be the government who owned them.

But how independent are the traditional media anyway? Here’s an observation on the American media from Brandon J. Weichert at the UK Spectator:

Nearly every news organization is opposed to Donald Trump’s presidency. More importantly, most billionaires despise Trump. What’s more, they are antipathetic toward the average Trump voter (who, according to their media, are all uneducated, middle-aged, white racists). Every resource has been brought to bear against Trump in an endless echo-chamber reinforcing their false narrative against Trump and encouraging greater levels of #Resistance. Meanwhile, the “independent” media all but ignores actual, grievous violations made by Trump’s Democratic opponents.

It’s not just DNC crimes the “mainstream” media refuses to cover. Look at how the media has ignored the sexual abuse scandal of the Catholic Church now that a noted Leftist is reigning as pope. My colleague George Neumayr has led the fight to expose the corruption in the church with little backup from the deep-pocket mainstream media.More.

Reality check: So you can guess what coverage of scandals that suit the interests of the Liberal party will be like once they all get their hands on the bailout money.

See also: Background on pepper-sprayed Catholic parishioner, protesting clergy sex abuses He has now had, one suspects, an eyeful of Pope Francis’s compassionate social justice church. Generally, conservatives diddle around and progressives play for keeps. No reason to suppose he’ll be the last to find that out.