Eureka! ESPN was ALREADY going broke when it got woke

From Clay Travis at Outkick, answering a question I actually had: Why would a sports network get woke when it’s an audience disappearing act? Because they were already in trouble and it was a disastrous gamble:

This business challenge, by the way, is why I believe ESPN went so aggressively left wing political. It was desperation, a cry for relevance in a media market where that relevance was rapidly collapsing. I think ESPN executives put pressure on TV execs to increase ratings and the gambit was, let’s go political.

That, clearly, was a disaster that instead of rescuing the company actually accelerated ESPN’s own obsolescence.

To his credit ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro, at the direction of Bob Iger, has repudiated that programming decision and it has led to the departure of Jemele Hill, Kate Fagan, and other left wingers at the network. Now I think ESPN is hunkering down and focusing everything they have on sports.

This was reflected, interestingly, earlier this week when Fagan said she was leaving ESPN because she no longer believed ESPN had an interest in covering the intersection of LGBT and sports in the way she hoped they might. It’s a sign of how lost ESPN’s priorities had become that they were covering the intersection of sports and anything. How about instead of worrying about covering things that intersect with sports, you just cover sports? More.

Reality check: Now that we are here anyway, how about showing a bit of consideration for the people who enable you to earn a good living by actually covering what they are interested in? If Fagan can’t find anyone who cares much, well, maybe that’s information too.

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