Parents concerned sex assault has tarnished the brand image of Broom Handle High

Broom Handle High Mascot

8 St. Michael’s College students expelled, 1 suspended over alleged sex assaults

…The school held two damage control meetings Friday for parents, who showed much disdain for the media as they left.

“You guys (media) are getting ripped apart in there,” one man said as he left.”

Another woman said, “it’s really hard to heal while you guys won’t stop looking at us.”

Many parents ignored the media presence as they left, but one woman approached shouting.

“Don’t you realize what you are doing to our kids,” the woman screamed, adding with thousands of kids at the school there will always be one bad apple.

Listening to some of the parents interviewed on talk radio has been nauseating. A strong undertone of “This affair may prove a blackspot on young Wilbur’s CV!” permeated interviews.  The school administration has been worse as their actions  indicate they were far more concerned with protecting the brand than anything else going so far as to inform parents before bothering to call police. That should really help their defense in the lawsuit that will surely follow.

Well at least the perps will have a career in the church.