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Border Patrol releases ANOTHER video of migrants destroying new wire on fence

When the first large wave of about 400 Central American caravan migrants arrived by bus into Tijuana on Tuesday, the first thing they did was walk down to Imperial Beach and climb to the top of the border fence separating Mexico from the United States.

That evening, contractors began installing razor wire on top of the fence, to discourage further climbers.

However, Friday morning, Customs and Border Protection in San Diego posted surveillance video footage on Twitter, of multiple men climbing the fence and destroying the newly-installed wire.

Children of Canadian ISIS fighters shouldn’t have to pay for parents’ crimes

Yet you should be punished for centuries-old slavery and colonialism.

Western nations are increasingly reluctant to accept their own citizens back, preferring to leave them where they are. Canada is included in that group. While for a time the message from our government was to bring ISIS fighters home to face, well, we’re not sure what, the mood has shifted on Parliament Hill to one of “Let’s not be hasty.”

Immigration lawyer David Matas says revoking citizenship isn’t a simple thing to do.

Sweden: Reduced migration is illegal – Court opens for even more generous family migration

Restrictions on family reunification in the temporary asylum law violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

This has been established by the Migration Supreme Court in a new verdict, which, according to the Swedish Migration Agency, may affect “many cases”.

The temporary law, which restricts the possibility of a residence permit in Sweden and which was added in connection with the asylum wave 2015, has, among other things, entailed tougher rules for family reunification.

The White House Should Give Acosta What He Wants. And more. That’s How to Beat Him.

So from now on, Trump and the rest of the White House should be ridiculously pleasant and deferential to Acosta. They should make him the focus of each and every press briefing. They should put him front and center, and always call on him first. They should try to make him look as good as possible. Make him a teacher’s pet. Massage his ego until his knees get weak. Build him up. Give him all the attention he wants, and then some. Then let his jealous colleagues and rivals do the dirty work of bringing him back down.

Blanket party, anyone?

‘Borderline treasonous’: Oil executives sound alarm as foreign investors flee

Canadian energy executives are becoming increasingly vocal about the country losing its competitive edge relative to their peers in the United States, saying it’s “very, very worrisome” that investors are exiting the domestic energy sector.

“If the people of Canada think for one moment that we can only have Canadian investors and hope to drive any type of business going forward, they are absolutely, massively mistaken,” Grant Fagerheim. president and CEO of Whitecap Resources Inc., said in in an interview about the exodus of foreign investors in the domestic oil and gas industry.

Their concerns were echoed by a foreign institutional investor in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that was shared with the Financial Post. The letter marks the second time in recent weeks a fund manager outside of Canada has directed their concerns to Trudeau.