The answer to relationship problems: Your new spouse is a hologram.

So far, only in Japan. From Mind Matters:


Hatsune Miku has over 900,000 fans on Facebook.

Some hope it will begin a long-overdue trend toward recognizing more alternative types of relationships.

Hatsune Miko is a singing voice synthesizer featured in over 100,000 songs globally. Her name means “Voice form the Future.” And Akihiko Kondo has married the “animated 16-year-old with saucer eyes and lengthy aquamarine pigtails,” in the form of a stuffed toy, in a formal wedding ceremony at a Tokyo hall:

“I’ve been thinking about her every day,” he told AFP a week after the wedding.

Since March, Kondo has been living with a moving, talking hologram of Miku that floats in a $2,800 desktop device.

Reality check: Apparently, 3700 such certificates have been issued.

The only obvious purpose of marriage in a fully secular modern society would likely be that government acknowledgment compels social recognition. Is there any reason why marriage to a deeply loved algorithm should not be so recognized in such a society?

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