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Fox News backs CNN’s lawsuit against White House for revoking Jim Acosta’s credentials

CNN competitors Fox News and NBC are among the media giants throwing support behind the network in its legal action against the White House for revoking the credentials of journalist Jim Acosta.

In a joint statement issued Wednesday, the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Washington Post and others said they’re joining the fight, as “reporters covering the White House must remain free to ask questions.”

How to Shoot Wolves from an Airplane – Interview with 100-Year-Old Roy Eykamp

Roy Eykamp is 100 years old and living in NSW, Australia. Shortly after WWII, Roy hunted wolves from a light, ski-equipped airplane in Ontario, Canada. He had tremendous success. He partnered with Harley Rauch, a famous South Dakota pilot. Hunting wolves from an airplane while mere feet off the ground was a dangerous undertaking. Roy nearly died in a crash.

I was fortunate enough to interview Roy. In the video, he explains the technique used to hunt wolves from the air, how the crash occurred, and how he survived.

Liberals Share Video Taking Credit For Trade Deals That Were Almost All Negotiated By The Conservatives

Here’s the thing.

Almost all of those trade deals were set up by the Harper Conservatives.

The Liberals attempt to deceive was called out by Conservative MP Erin O’Toole.

Large groups of non-western migrants live on benefits in the Netherlands – Official data

Syrians in the Netherlands can barely find jobs and as a result 79 per cent live below the poverty threshold.

For 95 per cent of these Syrians, benefits are the primary source of income. This is even worse for Eritreans with 96.9 per cent, according to Dutch statistical office CBS.

Especially non-western migrants are at risk for poverty, as a lot of them are unemployed. Around 80 per cent of Eritreans, 54.9 per cent of Somalis and 36.2 per cent of Afghans are having an income below the poverty threshold.

Toronto homicides reach record high not seen since 1991

Toronto’s latest shooting marked a grim milestone for Canada’s most populous city on Wednesday as it brought the number of homicides this year to a record high not seen for nearly three decades.

Police said gunshots fired in the city’s west end early Wednesday led to the 89th documented homicide of 2018, matching the all-time high for killings recorded in a calendar year that was set in 1991.