Those are extremely odd Polish names…

Store owner and two others who ‘plotted £300,000 insurance scam to burn down his Polish shop murdered a shop assistant in the blast which killed four others because she knew too much’

A shopkeeper and two other men killed five people by setting fire to his supermarket in a failed £300,000 insurance scam, a court heard today.

Shop owner Aram Kurd, 34, Arkan Ali, 37 and Hawkar Hassan, 33, are accused of blowing up a Polish grocery store in Leicester on February 25.

The inferno killed four members of a family living in the two-storey flat above the shop and also a shopgirl who was ‘left to die’ because she ‘knew too much’ about the insurance scam.

Aram Kurd, 34, Arkan Ali, 37 and Hawkar Hassan? What part of Poland are they from?