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Neil deGrasse Tyson Reveals His Dream ‘Startalk’ Guest

By virtue of his enormous fan base and wide circle of influence, popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has rubbed elbows with many influential people on his talk show, Startalk. Some notable examples: Stephen Hawking, Edward Snowden, and the late, great chef Anthony Bourdain, whose last interview with Tyson is featured in the new season premiering Monday. But even a personality as big as Tyson dreams of celebrity encounters, and when Inverse asked him who his dream Startalk guest was in a recent interview, he didn’t miss a beat.

“Barack Obama,” he said. “We wanted him while he was a sitting president, but that didn’t happen.”

Ontario government to raise seat count needed for official party status

The Ontario government says it is increasing the number of seats in the legislature required to achieve official party status.

Progressive Conservative House Leader Todd Smith says the new threshold — to be laid out in the fall economic statement later this week — will be 10 per cent of the house, or 12 seats, up from the current eight.

Smith says the move is meant to provide clarity and denies it is an attempt to stymie the Liberals, who fell one seat short of official party status in the spring election.

Terror-linked CAIR reports at least 57 Muslims elected to local, state, and national positions

In this historic election year, 49% of eligible voters voted in the first midterm election ever to have more than 100 million voters. We haven’t had a turnout percent this high since 1966, and you’d have to look all the way back to 1914 to find an election with more than 50% participation. With some votes in GA, TX, and FL still being counted there’s a chance this election will break that record.

Broward employee fired after reporting on elections staff ‘filling out stacks of blank ballots’

Matt Caldwell has filed a lawsuit against Brenda Snipes amid the voting controversy in Broward County, Florida. Within the lawsuit contains a paragraph that states a woman named Chelsey Marie Smith was a temp worker for the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office. She stated, in a signed and sworn statement, that she witnessed four employees who were allegedly “filling out stacks of blank ballots.”

How the press and politics have evolved in Canada (and likely elsewhere) (part 1 of 2)

In the beginning was politics, shortly after came the press. In the early days in Canada, and undoubtedly elsewhere, newspapers –print journalism- was very biased. Papers were not only “for” a particular party, they were often owned by that party.

Also, it was an all boys club, where alcohol was plentiful as were occasional pranks and tom-foolery.

In part one of our interview, author Robert Lewis talks about the history and somewhat reluctant changes to journalism “on the Hill”, or Parliament until the late 50’s and even into the late 60’s.