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First World War letters put a human face on the war that shaped us as a nation

The First World War saw about 75 million letters exchanged between the front lines and the 650,000 men serving in battle.

A hundred years later, most notes have vanished or are a distant, yellowed memory. The words are only just visible, and the photos are cloudy.

Carmichael, a resident of Port Alberni, B.C., and the author of “Tweets from the Trenches: Little True Stories of Life and Death on the Western Front,” says she wanted to find a way to link the past to the present because both her grandfathers served in the war.

Bombardier to cut 5,000 jobs, sell off turboprop and flight training businesses

Bombardier has announced measures that will result in 5,000 job losses over the next year and a half.

The Montreal-based company announced it will sell its Q Series turboprop aircraft program to Longview Aviation Capital for $300 million.

The carrier reached another agreement to sell its business aircraft flight and technical training unit, which is run out of Montreal, Quebec City and Dallas, to another Montreal multinational, CAE.

Swedish psychologist claims feelings of unsafety have to do with darkness and not increased crime

Metro – which often accuses others of spreading “fake news”, recently published an article about a new survey on safety in Sweden. This after a weekend filled with shootings and rapes.

The survey shows that one in three Swedes feels unsafe. Unfortunately, Metro couldn’t handle these facts and did everything in their power to rationalise the statistics.

To back up their claim they let a psychologist, Siri Helle, substantiate their story. She stated that: “Feeling unsafe does not mean that you are unsafe. We live in one of the safest countries in the world, that has never been safer than it is right now.”

Trudeau Pretends To Oppose ‘Division’ While Talking To CNN, But Video Evidence Says Otherwise

Justin Trudeau recently played his favourite game: Going on foreign media and pretending that he opposes everything bad in the world.

Speaking to CNN, Trudeau pretended to be opposed to ‘division,’ and hilariously claimed that he supports ‘diversity of opinion.’

It’s what he always does when he talks to foreign media. He acts as if he is the only thing standing between Canada and horrifically destructive ‘divisive’ politics.

PayPal bans Tommy Robinson for violating terms and conditions and says its website can’t be used to ‘promote hate, violence and intolerance’

The online payment service is thought to have told Robinson that it will no longer process payments for him because he violated the website’s terms and conditions, the BBC reports.

PayPal said its platform could not be used to ‘promote hate, violence or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.’