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ZETTEL: Is Canada gearing up for a “Carbon Tax election”?

In 2018, it may be hard to imagine a federal election fought on a single issue.

These days, the major parties are all scrambling to offer a little something for everyone. The 2015 leaders’ debates, for instance, covered everything from infrastructure spending & the national debt, to democratic reform, to Muslim women wearing niqabs.

Justin Trudeau’s winning platform featured somewhere in the ballpark of 300 campaign promises – depending on who’s counting, of course.

President Trump Says He Has a “Solution” to the Abortion Debate That “Nobody Else Does”

The Hill reports Trump did not provide any details about his plan Wednesday during a press conference with journalists.

Asked about his pro-life goals in light of the midterm election losses, Trump responded: “I won’t be able to explain that to you. Because it is an issue that is a very divisive, polarizing issue. But there is a solution, I think that I have that solution. And nobody else does.”

TAGHVA: Trudeau government achieves $500 Million in savings by targeting veterans pensions

When Justin Trudeau introduced the Liberals much touted ‘pension for life’ plan to veterans, they promised that it would lead to an increase of $3.6 billion in “additional” funding for Canadian Veterans.

A new report by the Globe & Mail interestingly shows that the Liberals have failed this key campaign promise by creating a pension system which would result in almost $500 million less being spent on Veterans over the next five years.

Pakistani asylum seeker riots in Germany and demands he’s provided a wife

Said K. a 48-year-old rejected asylum seeker has demanded a wife be provided to him or he be deported back to Pakistan in court, as well as, admitting to raping a man in Stuttgart.

He threatened multiple people with a piece of wood with nails in it terrorising an entire office and damaging property 22 Mai in Tuttlingen. He went on to threaten a 40-year-old woman in her car.

Catherine McKenna Busted Spreading Fearmongering Fake News About ‘Climate’ Deaths

“Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s claims of climate change fatalities are contradicted by new data. McKenna repeatedly pointed to a surge in deaths in a July heat wave in Québec as proof of the need for a national carbon tax. Figures show the death rate in July was the same as last year.

The Québec Institute of Statistics said deaths across the province for the month totaled 5000, the same as the identical period last year. Deaths for July were comparable to the ten-year average and below a peak of 5,072 deaths in July 2010, when average temperatures were two degrees cooler.”