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Boo hoo! Canada’s boy wonder, Justin Trudeau, has immigration problems too

If you’ve forgotten all about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s now infamous 2017 tweet inviting refugees to Canada to stick it to President Trump, I’m here to remind you!

Canada’s 2019 election is expected to be contentious, to say the least, with immigration at the forefront.

Soooo… Trudeau now wants to speed up deportations, presumably to make it look like he is not an immigration pushover.

KAY: Who really won the Munk Debate on populism – and why

The debate was a win for free speech.

First, because it actually took place in this era of easy deplatforming. Bannon is a controversial and polarizing political icon. He is despised and feared on the left for his ideas, and more ominously (for them), because his ideas have been instrumental in shifting the seat of power in the U.S. from the populist left to the populist right in the even more loathed person of Donald Trump.

Cries of protest and demands to deplatform him rose up from across the land, and there was a moment when the protests seemed as though they might work to derail the debate. Happily, the Munk Debate organizers and Roy Thompson Hall stood firm. That in itself is a serious win for all proponents of freedom of speech.

French far-right overtakes Macron in EU parliament election poll

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally has overtaken the centrist party of Emmanuel Macron, the French president, for the first time, according to an opinion poll released Sunday, in a further sign of the rise of the far-Right in Europe.

The Ifop poll measured voting intentions for European Parliament elections next May, seen as a decisive battle between pro-EU liberals and Eurosceptic populists that could be pivotal in shaping the future of the European Union after Brexit.

Iran celebrates anniversary of U.S. Embassy takeover

The crowd chanted “Down with U.S.” and “Death to Israel” during the rally in the capital, and state TV said similar demonstrations were held in other cities and towns.

Iranian students stormed the embassy shortly after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, taking 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. The U.S. cut off diplomatic relations in response.

Iran’s clerically-led government celebrates the embassy takeover every year as a decisive blow against the United States, which had supported the autocratic rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The embassy compound, widely known as the “den of spies,” is now a cultural center.

Freewinds, part 3: How the cruise ship fits Scientology’s methods of obfuscation and lies

As we covered in a previous article, the IAS was incorporated in Curacao in 1984. Legally separate and supposedly autonomous from the Church of Scientology’s control –- which is not true in actual practice — the IAS was created to be a vast pool of offshore money. The US Government could not seize offshore IAS monies if the Church had its assets seized by the IRS. Scientology also ensured that its new ship would be also protected by similar means. A series of Panamanian corporations were created to own the Bohème and hold the mortgage on the vessel.

Because Scientology did not have IRS tax exemption when the Freewinds was purchased, the ship was registered and flagged in Panama to give a legal means to avoid paying minimum wage and taxes on the income the ship earned. Thousands of ships are flagged in Panama because of the lax requirements of Panamanian registration. An article from the Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce (Volume 47, No. 1, January 2016) shows why American-based cruise lines, and the American-based Church of Scientology choose Panamanian registry.