Vestal Victims and the Cult of Left-Wing Narcissism

The magical vestal virgins of ancient Rome were believed to be so powerful that the vestals held sway over the daily life of Rome for almost one thousand years. Their mystical powers were believed to originate in sanctified chastity through a complicated system of rituals. The touch of a vestal virgin, incorruptibly pure, could exonerate a convict; their testimony was accepted without question or need to swear an oath.

The Romans did not have faith in their many gods in the modern sense of the concept. Rather, they maintained a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” contractual relationship with their deities. Roman daily life included ubiquitous rituals, sacrifices, and flattery to the gods to win material advantages – a bountiful harvest, protection of the city, good health. Today, ordinary people enjoy a surfeit of material comforts even the Roman emperors would have envied. In a nation of plenty, what, then, is the purpose of the left wing’s obsession with victimology?