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Elections Canada wants to buy social media ‘listening’ tool to track threats ahead of 2019 election

Twitter, Reddit, Facebook.

All three have been accused over the last two years of letting themselves be used by Russian attempts to influence the 2016 American election and as a new procurement posting suggests, they are just a few of the social media sites Elections Canada wants to keep an even closer eye on as it tracks risks and trends ahead of the 2019 Canadian election.

To do that, the elections agency plans to buy what it calls a “social media and open source data listening and analytics tool.”

John Ivison: Federal Liberals stumbled into a $20B windfall — then they spent it all

The Economist this week warns policy makers to “start preparing for the next recession” while they still can. The release of the government of Canada’s annual financial report for the 2017-18 fiscal year, however suggests the Trudeau Liberals have no notion of foregoing that most enjoyable of all entitlements: spending other people’s money.

The annual budget is an aspirational document, revealing what the government would like to do. But the annual report is a look in the rearview mirror at what it did in the year ending March 31, 2018.

Trump admin considering narrowing legal definition of ‘gender,’ and there are only two. Meltdown begins.

In what some describe as a sensible return to common-sense policies, the Trump administration has reportedly proposed redefining gender/sex as an immutable condition that cannot be altered by whim.

In a memo obtained by The New York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services argues that federal agencies should adopt a definition of gender that’s based “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

Though biological science makes it clear that only two distinct genders exist, the administration of former President Barack Hussein Obama muddied the definition of gender for political purposes.

Islam is a ‘religion of happiness and love’ says new French minister in charge of the police

After Gerard Collomb abruptly quit, left his job and basically announced that a civil war may happen in France in the near future, a new Interior Minister has been appointed.

His name is Christophe Castaner and he is, as of today, in charge of France’s police and intelligence.

But Castaner’s remarks on Islam may leave the French people with doubts of his understanding of the gigantic problem that this religion poses, especially in France, a country that suffered immensely by Islamic terrorism.

Warren Films Her ‘Family Story,’ Stressing Her Fake Indian Heritage

Elizabeth Warren wants to run for President along with the pack of socialists now calling themselves Democrats and, to do that, she feels she has to confront the fake Native-American ancestry she is trying to promote. Therefore, she is going back to Norman, Oklahoma. In the film, she continues to push her fake Native American history to an absurd level.

She had a documentary made showing her walking by her old house and through the old neighborhood, with her chatting up her version of her family history into the walk-around.