Columnist: Trump has freed the Republicans from the media

If they’ll agree to be rescued, that is. From John Dempsey at Townhall, a point to ponder and show to friends:

Trump is not media made. He is self-made. The legacy news cannot disconnect the bond between Trump and his base. It has become evident that a candidate that blows off attacks and does the opposite of Republican tradition can succeed. The left does not understand how to deal with this. They have never received pushback.

Trump has beaten the self-proclaimed geniuses at major news networks for over two years. The irony is the left claims he is mentally ill. That must be embarrassing being controlled by someone who has “mental issues.”

Trump uses Twitter as a means to control the media. All the major news networks believe they control the news cycle, but in reality, Trump controls them through social media. They are so obsessed with destroying Trump any tweet gets blown out of proportion. In the end, the leftist news looks like they are the mentally ill ones. More.

Reality check: If Trump did nothing else right, that was a great job. At least none of us need pity Republicans whacked by progressive media-ites any more. Those who – in the internet age – can’t reach out beyond those media-ites to voters at large, don’t really want to connect with voters and don’t matter.

See also: NYT reported to have defused staff rebellion. Honestly, if people need to be told to enter the digital age…