How rival extremisms are firing up Britain

The tone of public debate is now one of permanent rancour, growing fiercer and more vituperative

…Islamism, the hard Right and the hard Left are each distinct ideologies, operating in separate and often complex ways: even within each of those categories, there are manifold fractures and contradictions. It would be misleading to pretend that all three offer the same level of threat to wider UK society, certainly when one looks at the record of UK terrorist attacks in the last few years, the bulk of which were Islamist in origin.

But it would also be foolish to dismiss the possibility of intensifying violence at the extremes of the hard Right and the hard Left.

Not a horrible essay but the author is clearly a member of the “Tone Police” the type that assumes they will never have to get their hands dirty when push comes to shove as they’re simply above all that lower class wretchedness.