Evening Photos

(1) Peak fall colors in the Wasatch Mountains (Utah) by Johnny Adolphson Photography (@johnnyadolphsonphotography)

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(2) Winter trail (Komi Republic, Russia) by Igor Podobayev

(3) Field road (Moravia, Czechia) by Andy58/András Schafer

(4) Happy autumn! (Boston, Massachusetts) by Brian (@brianmcw)

(5) Wild red huckleberries at Little Cultus Lake (near Bend, Oregon) by Justine Lowry

(6) Lake Louise (Banff, Alberta) by Brendan Williams (@outboundmedia)

(7) The Cathedral of the Ascension of the Lord at winter dawn (Yelets, Lipetsk Oblast, Russia) by Alexander Maretsky

(8) Alpine lake in the Tonquin Valley (Jasper National Park, Alberta) by Alan Majchrowicz

(9) A break in the sky allowed the low sun to light up the desert landscape as a rainstorm cleared (Arizona) by Peter Coskun

(10) Winter sunrise (Russia) by Evgeni Erokhin

(11) Walking to the Drunken Duck pub (Pull Woods, England) by Bob Radlinski

(12) At dusk (Lopez Island, Washington) by BeJamin (@bejamin)


A photo numbered with an asterisk, for example, (2*), means it is a knowing reuse of an older photo. There are some that been unknowingly reused. One scenario is caused by photographers posting their material to more than one platform. I use “like” to indicate that I have pinned that photo. Clearly, if they have the same photo on another platform, there is nothing but my imperfect memory to guide me.


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