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Swedish media try to cover up gang rape of girl by ‘Muslim migrants’ – Facebook censored posts as well

Politicians in Sweden blame Swedes for not helping migrants successfully integrate in their community when the public learn of a Muslim gang-rape of a young Swedish girl.

However, an friend of the young girl’s mother learned of the rape and in her anger and shock, posted about it on Facebook.

The United Nations Is Demanding Canada Damage Our Economy Even More

One thing you’ll notice about the globalists and the radical left is that they are constantly moving the goalposts.

They demand a certain policy, and then demand more, and then more, and then more.

‘Goals’ are never actually reached, they simply turn into more goals.

Tiny Busts of President Trump Pop Up Across Brooklyn With Signs That Read ‘Pee On Me’

Several small statues of President Donald Trump – circa 1980 – with yellow signs that read “Pee on me” are popping up throughout Brooklyn, New York. The statues encourage dogs (and possibly humans?) to urinate on the bust of Trump which is placed atop a small patch of astroturf.

China – Xinjiang Province ‘Muslim Internment Camps’ Signed Into Law

Former detainees have reported that they were for hours upon end forced to sing songs such as “Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China” and any of the those who could not remember the words were not given meals.

“In the end, all the officials had one key point. The greatness of the Chinese Communist Party, the backwardness of Uighur culture and the advanced nature of Chinese culture,” a Uighur detainee named Mr. Abdusalam Muhemet told a Turkish newspaper.

Trudeau Govt Unlikely To Charge 13 Islamic Terrorists Returning To Canada

Only four sets of charges have been brought over the last two to three years against Canadians who traveled overseas to fight for groups like ISIS.

That’s because laying charges against someone for fighting with or assisting a terrorist group like ISIS is not always a straightforward matter.

It boils down to the question of exactly what kind of evidence police can get their hands on.