AfD tells German pupils to denounce teachers who discuss political views

The AfD is taking on institutionalized leftism, that has the usual suspects in an uproar.

…But the party, which rose to power on its anti-immigrant stance, winning 90 parliamentary seats at the last election, has hit back. It says its website has nothing to do with denunciation. According to Bernd Baumann, a leading member of the AfD’s parliamentary group, it is a chance to address the considerable evidence the party said it had collected, showing that schools were often drawing “a very severe picture of the AfD as radical, inhuman and cold”.

The party has encouraged pupils to look out for “cloddish AfD bashing”, including those wearing bags, badges or T-shirts bearing the slogan “FCK AfD”, as well as pointing out anything that might be recognisable as political indoctrination.