Mark Steyn on what his Canadian HRC battle could teach the US Senators

At his blog:

A decade ago, when my battles with the “human rights” commissions got going up north, I was told by wise old birds to stay calm, let the process play itself out, don’t rock the boat, etc. There was one lone dissenter who told me, no, no, if you do that, you’re going to lose – and, indeed, I subsequently heard that, when the subject came up in Cabinet, the view of the Canadian Government was that I was doomed to go down.

So instead Ezra Levant and I went bananas, went nuclear on the commissions – or, as I took to formulating it, we went Magna Carta on their medieval ass. And the wise old birds then said Canadians wouldn’t put up with a couple of berserk loons trashing their beloved “human rights” commissions. But they did – to the point where we got the law repealed. I concluded early on that it was, in fact, necessary for us to go nuclear in order to shore up public opinion and thus enable all the “nice” “moderate” people to move just a smidgeonette toward sanity.

Something similar just happened with President Trump and the Kavanaugh confirmation. When he mocked Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at that rally the other night – she can’t tell you the location of the party, the year of the party, how she got to the party, who was at the party, etc – received opinion, including from many “conservatives”, huffed and puffed and deplored the President’s remarks. But it was necessary for the same reason my own alleged excesses were necessary a decade ago – in order to shore up the base and thus ensure all the “nice” “moderate” people like Jeff Flake and Susan Collins would move just a smidgeonette toward sanity.More.

Reality check: Conservative leaders and spokespeople had not needed to win in the past. Losing was bad, sure, often disastrous. But it was not a one-way ticket to Bizarro world. Now it can be. Too much is at stake now. We need to all go Magna Carta at once on quite a few “medieval asses,” and none too soon.

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