Dare we hope for a reform movement soon in the Catholic Church?

If we judge by some of Francis’s supporters, maybe so. Listen to this, from Kaya Oakes at The New Republic:

Viganò belongs to a traditionalist wing of the church that has never truly accepted Pope Francis. In the United States, this contingent includes Cardinal Raymond Burke of St. Louis, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, and Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput. These powerful clergymen aren’t just conservative on theological matters, but in their politics as well. While serving as the Vatican’s apostolic nuncio, or ambassador, to Washington, Viganò was responsible for introducing Pope Francis to Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couples in 2015. From San Francisco, Cordileone publicly supported California’s Proposition 8, which opposed same-sex marriage, raising over $1 million to get it on the ballot. Chaput has called on the University of Notre Dame to give President Donald Trump an honorary degree. And Burke plans to partner with former Trump campaign chief Steve Bannon to construct a Catholic compound near Rome that will host meetings and seminars with church leaders and politicians interested in protecting “Christendom.”

Reality check: You go girl! Make it as clear as possible that only conservatives and traditionalists care about the abuse, exploitation, and harassment of kids at the parish level and seminarians at a higher level.

Shove that, hard, in everyone’s face.

I thought as much, actually, but, you know, coming from me, it doesn’t have quite the same effect…

Seriously people, if the strongest argument Oakes can muster is that conservatives wish Francis would resign, she is conveniently helping everyone to the heart of the matter: If Francis were guilty of a serious offense – and no accusation is being made here, just an observation about what I assume to be an abstract but theoretically possible state of affairs – maybe he should resign. That is, at least, a discussion we can have. If he isn’t guilty, we would reasonably expect him to be more proactive in addressing the problem.

The world waits.

See also: Big left-leaning German mag starts to “get it” about the Vatican’s problem The problem with trashing all who are concerned about the coverup of Vatican gay sex scandals as right-wing nasties is this: It amounts to saying that only a right-wing nasty would care about churchmen abusing their power over minors and young adults.