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Medical guidelines in the works to clear up confusion about cannabis for seniors

The generation of Canadians who rocked out to the 1960s song Marijuana by Country Joe and the Fish are seniors now, and some of them are newly curious about the drug ahead of its legalization on Oct. 17.

But seniors, many of whom take multiple medications, also have questions about how cannabis will interact with their prescription drugs and otherwise affect their health.

To try to address those and other questions, the Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health is developing cannabis guidelines to help clinicians advise older adults.

Canadian Vatican official defends Pope against ‘blasphemous’ coverup claims

Quebec-born Cardinal Marc Ouellet issued a scathing rebuke Sunday of the ambassador who accused Pope Francis of covering up the sexual misconduct of a prominent American cardinal, saying his claims were a “blasphemous” political hit job.

Six weeks after Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano threw the papacy into turmoil over his claims about ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the Canadian head of the Vatican’s bishops office said there was no evidence in his files backing Vigano’s claims that Francis annulled any sanctions against McCarrick.

Border church seeks funds to build pro-immigrant statue of Virgin Mary

A Southern California church is seeking contributions to build a pro-immigrant 40-foot statue of the Virgin Mary overlooking the U.S.-Mexico border, according to reports.

Construction could begin next year if Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in San Ysidro can raise $1 million. The statue depicts the Virgin Mary in the likeness of the Statue of Liberty, with a torch similar to the New York City landmark, KGTV reported Friday.

Courtney Love: Linda Sarsour is an anti-Semitic terrorist

“I won’t follow anything thats being led by an anti-Semetic[sic] terrorist that’s using feminism as a tool to promote her radicalism,” the controversial musician, who is known for fronting the 90s band Hole and being married to late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, said Wednesday during a Twitter exchange with Sarsour.

Love was responding to Sarsour’s online campaign to raise money for a Muslim woman whom she claimed was a victim of a hate crime. On her fundraiser page, Sarsour, who is also Muslim, wrote that Rahma Warsame was “brutally beaten by a white man as she came to the defense of another sister.”

University Publishes Social Media Guidelines Including Not Using ‘Gendered Emojis’

While many of the guidelines for “university-wide social media accounts” are standard or inoffensive, the first three are golden examples of PC culture run amok:

.Use inclusive pronouns (they/them/theirs, students, Rams, everyone).
The caption for this post reads: “Enjoy the sun, Rams. #ColoradoState”

.Use the yellow emojis when addressing a diverse audience.
The caption for this post reads: “Sun setting = it’s officially the weekend in #Ramcountry.”

.Avoid gendered emojis when possible. Instead use one of the variations of the yellow smiley faces or object emojis.
The caption for this post reads: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Here are your #StateOfSummer photo winners.”