‘Cinderella moment David Bowie made me a star again’: Tina Turner was living in poverty and fearing for her life after her split from Ike – until twist of fate transformed her into the biggest female rock icon of all, as she reveals in her own words

My Cinderella moment happened in New York at a club called the Ritz. Unknown to me, David Bowie had turned down an invitation from record-company executives to go out to celebrate the launch of his new album, Let’s Dance.

He’d be busy that night, he said — he was going to see his favourite singer at the Ritz. Me!

Well, that started a stampede. Suddenly, my manager was being bombarded by calls from music executives who were desperate to get tickets. With David’s seal of approval, I’d suddenly become infinitely more interesting. The show went really well — great energy and an audience that was with me every high-kicking step of the way. And afterwards, David came backstage with Keith Richards in tow.

Ol’ David was a good man.