Salvini: Italian state will cover legal costs of home defenders

As part of a new self-defence reform, Italy’s populist interior minister Matteo Salvini has promised that people who confront home invaders will have their legal bills paid for by the Italian state.

The new self-defence bill is set to enter parliamentary debate on the 23rd of October, with Mr Salvini pushing for more liberalisation on the rights of Italians to defend themselves from home invasions, Il Giornale reports.

Writing on social media, Salvini stated: “A thief comes into your house, company or store, and you defend yourself? It will be your right to do so, and the thug (and his relatives) will not be able to ask for a euro of compensation.”

“Besides, you won’t end up on trial for years and you won’t pay your own pocket: the state will cover any legal expenses of those who defended themselves,” he added.

I never thought I’d envy the Italians their government. Their weather, sure. Their shoes, absolutely. Their ability to run a country, nope. But here we are.