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I, Me, My Robot

These aren’t your grandfathers robots, either. When I was a kid, our notion of what robots looked like came straight out of the movie, Forbidden Planet, where Robby the Robot nearly stole the movie and spun off a line of toys for boys everywhere.

Today’s androids are increasingly lifelike — a little too much so, in some municipalities — and soon enough will be indistinguishable from real humans, like Hillary Clinton. How long, therefore, will it be before author Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics come into play?

Most popular NDP candidate questions party’s future after dismal election

The most successful NDP candidate from last week’s New Brunswick election is not convinced the party will survive after its dismal showing at the polls, at least in his part of the province.

“I’m not too sure about the NDP’s future in the north because of the way they conducted the campaign,” said Jean-Maurice Landry.

“There’s certainly room for a third party in northern New Brunswick — as to which one, time will tell.”

Far left Minister admits a civil war could be near in France as he fears the future

The Minister of the Interior served under Emmanuel Macron’s rule since May 2017. Collomb leaving the government after such a short time is another blow for Macron, who is far from popular in France.

Opposition leader Marine Le Pen was surprised with Collomb’s words:
“Gérard Collomb reveals that out of control suburbs are like an explosive ready to be lit overnight and issued a solemn warning to the Prime Minister. We would have liked such language of truth for 17 months!”

The leaving French Minister certainly isn’t the first who says the country could face a civil war.

Trump’s Counterterrorism Plan Targets Radical Islam as ‘Primary Threat’

Jihadist groups, namely al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), remain “the primary trans-national terrorist threat” to the United States despite 17 years of U.S.-led military efforts against radical Islamist groups, the White House pointed out in its National Strategy for Counterterrorism unveiled on Thursday.

The 10 biggest things Doug Ford has done in his first 100 days in office

Since the Progressive Conservative government won a majority in the spring election, the summer and fall sessions at the provincial legislature have been exceptionally busy.

Here’s what Premier Doug Ford has accomplished in his first 100 days.

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