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Roger Stone: Kavanaugh Hearings = Dress Rehearsal For Trump Impeachment

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Stone states that if Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives in November they will file articles of impeachment against the president immediately. While he believes the substance of the articles don’t matter, he predicts that they will immediately trot out the nearly two dozen women who accused the president of sexual misconduct to justify their call.

University cancels West Side Story production after white students landed lead roles

Kent State University has cancelled its fall musical production of “West Side Story” following complaints that too many white students landed lead roles.

Bridgett Martinez, a junior musical theatre major who is of Puerto Rican descent, tried out for her “dream role” of Maria, but she said “it all just got screwed up” when “it was given to a white female,” reported.

Martinez was instead cast as her understudy, and the other three leads that portrayed Latino characters were given to non-Latino students.

Two thirds of Canadian children need to be more ‘physically literate,’ study says

A study of more than 10,000 Canadian children shows that only about a third have achieved an acceptable level of what’s called “physical literacy.”

Physical literacy goes beyond fitness to include the motivation, confidence and knowledge to engage in physical activities that can help them throughout life.

It also involves basic movement skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, jumping, and running from Muslim rape gangs.

UN relief agency pulls staff from Gaza amid increasing Palestinian protests

In early September, UNRWA’s chief spokesman, Ghris Guinness, told BBC News the U.S. funding cuts would be utterly devastating. “It’s likely to be widespread, profound, dramatic and unpredictable because, let’s make no mistake, some of the most marginalised and fragile and vulnerable communities in the Middle East are going to likely suffer because of this, he said.”

Guinness told BBC 526,000 school children receive a UNRWA education every day and it assists 1.7 million food insecure people.

Germany and other countries have promised to increase their contributions to the agency to try to maintain stability. In March 2018, Canada promised up to $10 million in emergency humanitarian assistance for Palestinian refugees living in the West Bank and Gaza.

FUREY: Maybe, just maybe, Trudeau’s now about to pivot back to middle-class issues

A funny thing has happened since the 2015 election campaign. Justin Trudeau campaigned heavily appealing to the middle-class. It’s what his “real change” agenda was all about. And yet soon after, he let it drift away.

Maybe now that the Prime Minister’s basking in the glow of completed trade negotiations with the United States, he’ll pivot back to the very focus that first brought him to power. Maybe. But it’ll require an attitude adjustment on his part.

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