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Physics ‘invented by men’? Scientist faces backlash after ‘highly offensive’ talk on gender bias

A senior scientist at Pisa University has sparked anger following a talk he gave on the role of women in physics at Cern, the European nuclear research centre, in which he said that physics was “invented and built by men”.
Responding to the backlash, Cern released a statement which said the talk given by Prof Alessandro Strumia had been “highly offensive” to women in science.

During the talk, Strumia said that male scientists were being discriminated against and that men were being passed over for jobs in favor of women based on “ideology rather than merit”.

Censoring the Law?

Twitter is openly blocking doubleplusungood tweets that utter the phrase “illegal alien“.

Slight problem is that that is an actual term used in actual Federal Law.

Toronto Mayor John Tory asks Ford government to ban criminals from reapplying for community housing

“I believe our two governments share a determination to ensure the safety of all our residents, especially seniors and families who live in TCHC,” Tory said in an open letter to Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark.

“My goal in requesting amendments to existing legislation is to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable residents and to ensure that they are properly served in Toronto Community Housing,” he continued.

P.T. Barnum Had Nothing on the Democrats’ Freak Show

The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus that I attended in my youth showcased acts like the freak show in which people with all sorts of bizarre physical features would attract millions of morbidly curious wide-eyed visitors.

But even Tom Thumb and the Siamese twins, the bearded lady and the dog-faced boy, and the head of Medusa that “turned men into stone” had nothing on the oddities of the 2018 circus that billed itself as the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee’s Hearing to determine if Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s selection for the Supreme Court, is fit for that august position.

Buried behind the cows and cars: key changes in NAFTA 2.0

While workers and consumers alike will be affected by the changes coming for Canada’s automotive and agriculture sectors, plenty of other things in the revised North American trade agreement will affect Canadians.

Here’s a quick look at some of what’s new in the U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA).