Maybe Google knows your kids better than you do…

Google is collecting data on schoolkids:

Michelle Malkin

Columnist Michelle Malkin has recently expressed concern about the fact that Silicon Valley uses educational programming to mine data about kids (“eduplundering”) which is available to third parties:

Parents, did you get notice before your child signed on to a Google account? In many districts, school information officers usurp your family authority and are logging on your sons and daughters en masse without your consent or knowledge. You don’t get to see the terms of service, the privacy policy or the G Suite agreement between Google and your school. Even if parents do receive notice before their kids are dragooned into G World, opt-out mechanisms are nonexistent or nearly impossible to navigate.

Springfield, Missouri, public schools employee and parent Brooke Henderson, along with her sister, Brette Hay (who is also a mom and educator), were horrified to discover that even if they logged out of their G Suite accounts, their personal passwords, bank account information, parents’ personal data, spouses’ sensitive data and children’s browsing habits were being stored on district-issued Google Drive accounts. Unbeknownst to the sisters, Google’s auto login and auto-sync functions allow the collection and archiving of non-education-related information across the extended family’s devices. Michelle Malkin, “Stop Google’s Kiddie Data Predators” at Townhall

Hype? Overreaction? Some insiders think so. They argue that it’s okay because Google pays for all that free educational software and hardware…” More at Mind Matters Today

See also: Children are watching much less TV. But what we learned from children’s TV is coming back to haunt us. Maxwell King: Sesame Street’s pacing “was set to be as fast as the times, with some emulation of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and the television serial Batman.”

Will AI triumph? Will that phone end up smarter than your kid? If so, it might not happen in quite the way we are told to fear. U.S. kids who spend more than two hours a day looking at screens “perform worse on memory, language and thinking tests than kids who spend less time in front of a device.”


George Gilder talks tech at World News Daily: In a three-part interview the tech philosopher explains why he thinks Google is doomed – “The Google dream is a supermind in the sky that knows everything,” Gilder told WND. “My dream is to distribute information as human minds are distributed.”