Hugh Hefner: Inspiring people to be less than their best

From Bill Dembski, on the anniversary of Playboy founder Hefner’s death:

Hefner thought he was doing the world service by freeing humanity from sexual restraint. In consequence, he would rail against “born again basket cases,” as he called them, namely, women who had been sexual objects, whether in the pages of Playboy or at the Playboy clubs or at his mansion, and who, upon becoming Christians, saw in Hefner a prophet not of liberation but of confusion, pain, and bondage.

An irony in Hefner is that he worked extremely hard to articulate and market his playboy philosophy, and yet that philosophy bred a lassitude and hedonism at odds with his own energy to market his worldview or with real human accomplishment. I recall, for instance, working out at Sergio Oliva‘s gym in Chicago in the summer of 1984 and getting to know a football player from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (Hefner’s, as well as G.N.’s and my Dad’s, alma mater).

Earlier that year, the Fighting Illini had appeared in the Rose Bowl to face UCLA. According to my gym partner, Hefner fêted the team at his mansion. Yes, the team enjoyed the wild partying for which the Playboy mansion was famous. But the Fighting Illini also had their butts handed to them the following day when they lost to UCLA 45 to 9.

Hefner’s talent for inspiring people to be less than they could be seems to have been the pattern … More.

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