Sea Cruise…


K and I will be away through October 9 on the Mark Steyn Cruise courtesy of Mark Steyn. Stops include Quebec City, PEI, Halifax, Bar Harbor then ending in Boston. Looks like a fun week ahead with a terrific line-up of speakers and events.

I’ll be blogging a bit while on-board time and wife permitting but Sarcasticat, Black Mamba, Osumashi, Denyse, DB Cooper and Frau Katze will be keeping the home fires burning. I’ll have internet access of an as yet unknown quality while we sail but we have been advised to turn our cell phones off entirely as roaming charges are many dollars per minute. When we make land in a US port normal charges will apply.

My brother is looking after Sainted Irish Mother and Pip. His wife, who will remain at their home with their 5 cats notes, “everybody gets a break, it’s win, win, win.”

We’ll be taking a couple of days to see Boston for the 1st time and K is busy cataloging our tentative itinerary. We’ll keep you posted!