Continental Breakfast

Blueberry Scones  Need I remind you to drench these with Scotch?

Merkel’s Continuous Failures And Poor Decisions Show Her End Is Getting Near

After a man was stabbed to death in Chemnitz by two Iraqi and one Syrian refugee, Merkel made false claims about the demonstrations that ensued. She claimed that migrants had been hunted in those demonstrations.

Hans-Georg Maassen, the President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in charge for such matters, dared to contradict her and the SPD. He stated that there was no proof of such hunts occurring.

Saudi Arabia Buying Up Land In Northern Virginia, Farmland In US Southwest

“The Saudi government now owns five adjacent properties on the grandiose corridor in McLean that is home to high-profile, pricey estates and bucolic views of the Potomac River, according to government assessment records,” Washington Business Journal reported.

The Saudi government is said to have purchased a series of adjacent homes “occupying about a half-mile stretch” near Chain Bridge Road in Northern Virginia, according to the report.

MPs unanimously pass motion to revoke Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary citizenship

More and more Canadian politicians have been calling on Ottawa to revoke the honour bestowed on the de facto Myanmar leader in 2007 over her complicity in the brutal crackdown of the Rohingya people.

A United Nations fact-finding mission recently found the Myanmar military was committing genocide against the minority Muslim population and other ethnic minorities, and that Suu Kyi had failed in her duty to protect her own citizens.

California Gov. Jerry Brown Legalizes Sex Changes for 12-Year-Olds

The law, which allows foster children in the nation’s most “progressive” state to seek and consent to treatment for gender transitioning from the age of 12, is Gov. Jerry Brown’s latest betrayal of the state’s vulnerable children.

Rather than protecting children, as per the requirements of a civilized society, Californian law allows children in foster care to engage in dangerous behavior long before they are psychologically equipped to make life-altering decisions.

Canadian Population Surges, Driven By Record-High Immigration

Canada’s population grew by the largest number of people since 1957, increasing by 518,588 in the past year to reach 37.1 million.

That’s a 1.4% increase, the largest in percentage terms in nearly 30 years – according to Stats Canada.

While legal immigration is the key part of the population increase, the surge in illegal border crossers also contributed.