Paying three times on Trans Mountain. What else would you expect?

…It is my understanding that when the Federal Court of Appeal quashed the permits to build the expansion project, not only did work stop, but it was reversed.

Every one of those stakes had to be pulled. All the hydrovac holes had to be refilled. Access ramps had to be taken out. All equipment had to leave the right-of-way, not simply be parked for a rapid return to work. All the signage, much of it custom made, had to be removed. There’s to be no trace of this work that has taken place. I don’t think they’re going to be putting back the trees that were cleared, but I wouldn’t be surprised, either.

But it gets better. The equipment didn’t just get sent back to the marshalling yards along the right-of-way. No sir. Those marshalling yards had to be fully demobilized by the end of September. Nothing left. So the pipeline construction contractors had to pull all their iron out and send it back to wherever it came from, i.e. Edmonton, Fort St. John, wherever.