There’s little danger of the CPC making immigration a hot button election issue…

From the Star Quebec provides a warning that Scheer should be careful about making immigration a campaign theme

We’ve seen enough of the Milk Man’s style to know there is no chance of immigration becoming anything more than than the usual vote buying scam. The CPC, LPC and NDP are no different on immigration, they may disagree on the means i.e Trudeau’s Open Borders scandal but in the end they all favour the same thing – continued mass immigration. And they are not picky about where the bodies come from. The CPC talked out of both sides of its mouth and were happy to facilitate a mass influx from Islamist states during their tenure, reaching a peak of 25% of the total annual intake.

Mass Immigration buys ethnic voting blocs and that is why no federal leader has the guts to say NO. Maxime Bernier has mentioned the Elephant in the room of bad immigration policy – Islam. No other leader will discuss the reality of Islam’s incompatibility with Western democracy. Instead we are fed propaganda, propaganda that is designed to humiliate and demonize anyone who dissents and points to the inconvenient truth about Islam, an inconvenient truth that is played out daily world wide wherever large numbers of Islamists have been allowed to settle. Islam is a violent supremacist cult, it does not “Do” integration.

To his credit Bernier also declared that immigration policy must serve the interests of Canadian citizens. That seems like common sense, just don’t expect it from any of the mainstream parties.

We are well on our way to becoming Sweden and it may already be too late to arrest the rot.