Social Media Study Lumps Conservative Pundits with ‘White Nationalists’

A new study of YouTube exposed what it called a “conspiracy ecosystem” of content creators that tried to connect prominent conservatives with a well-known racist and package them together as “far-right” or “reactionary” “extremists.”

The study, published Tuesday, exposed the “Alternative Influence Network” and featured top conservatives like the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan, the Prager Institute’s Dennis Prager, and University of Toronto Prof. Jordan Peterson. It then attempted to link them with racists like Richard Spencer and accuse them all of having a harmful “impact” “on vulnerable and underrepresented populations — the LGBTQ community, women, immigrants, and people of color.”

Author Rebecca Lewis deemed the entire collection — from moderate conservatives to full-blown racists — “reactionary,” a term the report employed 13 times in order to hammer home that everyone mentioned was part of the same “extremist” network. “Extremist” was used 25 times in the report.

Full report at the link – Scary Alternative Influence