Today in interfaith dialogue: Critics of Islam should be attacked by police…

‘There are only two choices, Islam or death’: Ex-Muslim walks through Lakemba asking locals if it’s OK to criticise their religion – and gets some VERY strong responses

“Critics of Islam should be attacked by police”

A former Muslim has taken to the multicultural streets of Lakemba in Sydney’s west to ask local believers whether it is okay for people to criticise their religion.

Iranian-born author Armin Navabi visited Lakemba – considered Australia’s unofficial Muslim capital – to act out the controversial social experiment.

Mr Navabi, an ex-Muslim now living in Canada, was told by one man that non-believers faced ‘Islam or death’ – while another Muslim said police should ‘attack’ those who mock their faith.

Others interviewed said they encouraged discussions about their Muslim faith, but stressed the importance of approaching the topic with the ‘utmost respect’.