“I came to Canada thinking it was an escape, only to realise it’s like torture,” she says in Somali through a translator.

Heron Gate mass eviction: ‘We never expected this in Canada’

Ottawa, Canada – Binto Mohamed hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since May. That’s when she received a letter telling her that her family of 10 had until September 30 to find a new home.

“There’s a piece of me missing, because of the stress,” she says, standing in the middle of her dimly-lit kitchen, the air thick and sticky in the overpowering August heat.

Mohamed, a mother of eight, knows her house is far from perfect.

The kitchen sink is about half full of dirty, brownish water; the drain hasn’t worked for the past year, and despite putting in a request to have it repaired five months ago, it’s still blocked.

I missed this story when it appeared in August. Funny that our MSM has not covered this diversity.