Hello, Liberals: Can You Spell F-A-S-C-I-S-M?

Remember back in the day, liberals, when you were shocked, shocked at the way the business sector in the Reich just went along with the H-word?  Oh, the outrage!  It just showed that businessmen were really crypto-fascists and should have been right there in the dock with the Nazi leaders at Nuremberg.

I bring this up after being prompted by a reader, who, in the aftermath of the leaked post-election Googler video, wonders how far the current war on conservatives is going to go, how much farther corporations will go with the program of the left, what with credit card companies refusing to do business with “hate” groups – like David Horowitz.  The latest flap is over Amazon delisting titles of the notorious pick-up artist, “Roosh V.”  Remember when liberals were beside themselves over suppression of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer?