‘Stab victim shot at terrorist and collapsed’

‘Ari didn’t stop until he had shot the terrorist’

Gabi Vaknin, one of the three civilians on scene at today’s stabbing attack in Gush Etzion who shot at the attacker, described the incident: “I looked to the right, saw the stabber, saw the one who was stabbed. The stabbed one yelled, ‘terrorist attack, terrorist attack!’. The stabber yelled in Arabic and started running towards the shopping center’s entrance. I ran adjacent to them – on the road, not on the sidewalk – got line-of-sight to allow me a clean shot, aimed towards his body mass, and I shot.

“Before me, the stabbed man, who also ran after the terrorist, took a shot – even before me, possibly – the security guard also got off a shot, there were three of us shooting.

Ari Fuld running after the terrorist after being wounded