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Why aren’t Canada’s ethics rules keeping politicians out of trouble?

Three senior members of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet have been found in violation of ethics rules in the past year — a list that includes the prime minister himself.

And that’s raising questions about whether the conflict rules are tough enough, or effective enough, in elevating the public’s trust in politicians.

From the dustbin of history, a warning for Max Bernier

He was a former Conservative cabinet minister who formed his own party and, in the process, contributed to his old party’s defeat.

No, this isn’t Maxime Bernier’s story — not yet, at any rate. It’s the story of Henry Herbert Stevens and the Reconstruction Party, a story few remember now. But the parallels with Bernier and his new People’s Party are striking.

More Than a Third of Toronto Police ‘Crime Guns’ Aren’t Firearms

More than a third of the so-called “crime guns” seized by Toronto police last year weren’t firearms, and many were never used in a crime, according to an analysis of police data obtained by Dennis Young, fuelling new concern about the reliability of statistics.

The data show 469, or 65 percent, of the 726 “crime guns” seized by Toronto police in 2017 were counted among the three classes of firearms in the Firearms Act: “Non-restricted,” “Restricted” or “Prohibited.” That leaves 35 percent that weren’t firearms regulated by the Firearms Act.

Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada Seeks Merger With Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party

In a video to his supporters, the Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada confirmed rumors that party members will be asked to vote on whether or not to merge parties with Maxime’s newly created People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

The PPC was announced earlier this morning by Maxime Bernier alongside a full party platform and logo.

Tim Moen said that while the PPC has a “milquetoast libertarian policy”, Bernier’s party offers a good potential to bring the liberty movement into the mainstream.

Trudeau Totally Fine With Freeland Headlining Panel That Called Trump A “Tyrant”

Virtue-signalling always takes precedence for the Trudeau Liberals.

As I recently reported, just as NAFTA negotiations were starting up again, Chrystia Freeland was the headliner of an event called “Taking on the Tyrant.”

And at the event, the “Tyrant” was very clearly a category that included Donald Trump. In fact, Trump was prominently featured in a video and in photos at the event, leaving zero doubt that he was being put into the ‘tyrant’ category.