You know it’s right when… Amnesty condemns ‘disgraceful’ use of “obscure clause” to cut Toronto council

A Canadian premier’s use of an obscure constitutional opt-out clause has prompted criticism from Amnesty International Canada.

The rights group called Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s use of the clause to force through cuts to Toronto city council “contemptuous” and “disgraceful”.

In July, the premier said he would slash the council by half, arguing it was bloated and inefficient.

About Amnesty International – Senior Amnesty Official Has Links to Hamas, Islamist Network

An expose by a British paper has revealed that a senior Amnesty international official has links with Hamas and a wider secret global Islamist network, once again raising questions about the NGO’s alleged “impartiality.”

The report by The Times revealed that Amnesty’s director of faith and human rights, Yasmin Hussein, is linked to a British “aid agency” which helps finance Hamas, and held a private meeting with a senior Muslim Brotherhood official at his house in Egypt.