Terms ‘whiter than white’, ‘pale, stale and male’ and ‘a good egg’ result in racism probes at Scotland Yard

Senior Scotland Yard officer faces the sack for using ‘racist’ term ‘whiter than white’ in briefing to colleagues about being faultless in their inquiries

A senior officer with the Met Police faces the sack after he was accused of racism for using the phrase ‘whiter than white’.

The detective in Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption squad is facing an investigation by the police watchdog after he is said to have used the phrase during a briefing to colleagues.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the term means ‘never doing anything wrong’, and the detective reportedly used it to mean officers’ actions should be beyond reproach.

Another Met officer told The Evening Standard: ‘It may have been a poor use of language but this is not what the misconduct process is for. This is not corruption, this is not serious wrongdoing.’

The paper reported that other officers are being investigating over the use of seemingly innocuous phrases including ‘pale, stale and male’ and ‘a good egg’.